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1280 Pipes special & valves etc. The set consists of a strong wooden board with hanging arrangem..
Francis Turbine
In this system spiral casing directs water evenly to the guide blades. The model is properly constru..
Gear Pump Model
It is an all metallic properly constructed model, one side is covered with plexi glass showing inter..
Transparent working model with handle, showing the operation of piston and valve clearly. ..
Hydraulic Elevator
An all metallic unit is for demonstrating the principle of a hydraulic lift. The main cylinder is mo..
A tremendous force is obtainable from it. Hand operated practical laboratory device. ..
Hydraulic Ram
An all metallic small size non working model, useful to demonstrate the constructional details only...
Besides showing the action of a water wheel through glass window, the model is capable of running a ..
It is a very interesting model for lifting water by means of compressed air supplied by a compresses..
An all metallic working model, comprising of a single jet horizontal shaft turbine. a diameter disc ..
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