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Steam Engine Models

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All Metallic and amusing working model. The cylinder is section Cut and is covered with a glass plat..
Operation of a commercial steam engine is well illustrated with this working model. The extra large ..
An all metallic properly constructed model. Piston, cylinder and steam chest are shown in half secti..
A large size section cut demonstration model, H.P. cylinder is provided with a piston valve and L.P...
This demonstration model shows the working of a mid exhaust steam engine. The cylinder is sectionise..
Sectional demonstration model. Separate steam and exhaust valves are provided at each end of the cyl..
The engine model is equipped with two slide valves which are operated by separate eccentrics showing..
In this sectional demonstration model four oscillating valves are provided at each end of the cylind..
A demonstration model with all metallic parts mounted compressor. Fuel supply, Combustion Chamber, T..
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