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Coupling Models

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Sellers Coupling
Properly constructed all metallic model. ..
Universal Coupling
Properly constructed all metallicmodel. ..
Hook's Coupling
Single, Properly constructed, complete with pointer and scale, graduated in degrees. ..
Hook's Coupling (Double)
A shaft with universal joints at its both ends and with pointers and graduated scales. ..
Flexible Coupling
The model is properly made to understand the type of shock absorbing coupling ..
Box or Muff Coupling
In this section cut model, two shafts ends are made to butt together by means of a sunk key. ..
Properly machined model with bolts, key groove and Key. ..
Split Muff Coupling
Properly Constructed Model. The two halves bolted together and one side is shown in section. ..
Oldham's Coupling
The properly constructed model is hand Operated, To illustrate the transmission between two shaft..
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