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Mechanism Models

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Friction Wheel Drive
The model shows the system of giving variable speeds properly fitted on base. ..
Very interesting model to explain the working of pantograph machine. ..
Chain Drive
Properly fitted on base. ..
Showing intermittent motion properly fitted on base. ..
Pawl & Rachet Motion
Showing Intermittent motion of a ratchet wheel. ..
Crank & Connecting Rod Model
A properly constructed model showing the turning effect on the crank, and the linear stress ..
Harmonic Motion
Simple type, demonstration model. ..
Slide Crank Mechanism
Following models are fitted on three different wooden base boards. The mechanism are made of alumini..
(A) ReciprocatingEngine Mechanism (B) OscillatingCylinderMechanism (C) WitworthQuickReturn Mechani..
Four Bar Link Mechanism
A properly constructed model fitted on base. ..
Scotch Yoke Mechanism
A properly Constructed model made of metallic parts on base. ..
Properly Constructed model to explain the principle. ..
Watt's Mechanism
A very interesting model mounted on base. ..
Peculiar Linkage Drive Model
Properly constructed model made of metallic Parts. ..
Kinematics Pairs
Differenttypes, showingslidingpair, tuningpair,rollingpair(Two types),Screw pair (two types) spheric..
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