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Construction Machines & Engineering Equipment Models

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Blast Furnace
The fundamental features of production sequence of iron from ore with utilization of waste gases is ..
Open Health Furnace
The model cutway in design and clearly labelled. The colour scheme distinctly elaborates the refract..
Bessemer Convertor
The model is much helpful in having clear grasp of Bessemer method of steel manufacture, It is clear..
Electric Arc Furnace
Rocking bath type. This type has an advantage over the stationary ones. It permits quick tapping, sl..
This model of melting unit gives an illustrative and vivid picture for the students to have an intel..
Hoffman’s Kiln
The model is much helpful in having clear grasp of the system, showing different chambers, doors, fi..
Model of Ammonia Ice Plant
Comprising of metallic parts, compressor, Coils, Condenser, Ice tank, low and high pressure gauges. ..
Duumy model, made of wooden and metallic parts showing Motor, Compressor, Condenser, Fan, Valves, Ex..
Truck model has features of a conventional road vehicle chasis design, provided with self motive pow..
The model of Bucket Trencher demonstrate the principle of a Derdger. A series of buckets are fixed t..
The model is of mounted crane which revolves about its vertical axis moving the load along the circu..
Scraper unit comprises a drive unit coupled by a universal joints to the scraping unit. The scraping..
In this properly designed model and endless wide belt conveys load from one place to another continu..
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