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Properly constructed transparent working model. Complete on heavy metal base and provided with over ..
The model is properly constructed consisting of alum supply tower tank, water inlet, alum mixing cha..
Imhoff Tank
A properly constructed wooden model showing upper and lower compartments, drainage, inlet, outlet an..
Indian Type Water Closet
A properly constructed and dissected model showing privy, septic tank, soakage pit and internal conn..
Model of Pressure Filter
The system of filtration adopted in this unit is cheaper to operate and high flow rate enables to ha..
Model of Rapid Sand Filter
Water flows by gravity through bed of sand and then through gravels. The mild steel sheet filter tan..
It is a demonstration model. Student can easily understand the system only be seeing it. The install..
Safe Water Supply From a River
Same as no. 1530 but instead of pond river site in shown. ..
Sedimentation Tank
with mechanical sludge scraping and collecting devices. The properly constructed model is rectangula..
Septic Tank
Properly constructed dissectible wooden model showing different compartments, baffle walls. Inlet an..
Slow Sand Filter
Trickling Filter
The model is properly constructed and all metallic showing the main chamber with filtering arrangeme..
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