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Tank Weir
The model is properly constructed showing the body wall splayed wing walls, stepped apron, earthen d..
Suppressed Weir
With stepped appron. The model is properly constructed showing the body wall, splayed wing walls, st..
Canal Intake
The properly constructed model showing main chamber, coarse screen, outlet pipe, canal banks and roa..
Model of Canal Drop
Showing the canal side embankment, connections, trapezodical notches and other necessary details. ..
Model of Silt Ejector
Showing the main canal, slab, tunnels with curved piers, escape chting arrangement. ..
Model of Canal Regulator
Showing canal portion, each connections, roadway and shutters with litting arrangement. ..
Fish ladder
A properly constructed model showing the inclined chute, cross wall with openings, parts of weir and..
Model of an Aqueduct
Showing canal over a drain, with beel, bank pier, abutment, embankment, drainage and wing wall. ..
Syphon Aqueduct
A properly constructed model showing canal over a drain, abutment, wing wall, embankment, roadway, t..
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