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Carpentry Joints
A set of 20 woodens joints in polished wooden box with nomenclature. ..
Grillage Foundation
A properly constructed model of cast aluminium and metal parts, showing concrete footing grillage on..
Model of Steel Roof Truss
Showing different members such as principles rafters, tie, studs, husset plates, rivets, etc. ..
Model of Door Leaf
The types are as under without hanges, made of timber wood, beautifully painted and labeled. (a) ..
Model of Foundation
Showing two walls of a room basement, foundation footing, Foundation, concrete, sand filing, steps g..
Model of Doors with Surrounding Frames
Same as no. 1485, but with surrounding frame. Made of timber wood, beautifully painted and duly labe..
Pile Driving Machine Model
Showing a hoist, pile, hammer guides, sliding base etc. ..
Model showing style lock rail, venetain blades, panels, hold fasts, hanges tower bolts etc ..
Piles of Different Type
(a) Steel Sheet Pile (b) Screw Pile (c) Timber Pile. ..
Model of Windows
Different type, properly constructed, in timber wood, beautifully painted. Complete with frames. ..
Wing Walls
An all wooden and properly constructed model of three different types of wing walls, beautifully poi..
Corner Window Lintel
Showing two walls only without shutters. Properly constructed all wooden model. ..
A properly constructed large size dissected model showing main shell with cutting edge at the bottom..
Model of Bricks
Properly constructed models of ten different kinds and in 1/3 full size. Complete mounted on a base ..
Model of Stair Cases
Properly constructed and painted wooden models showing various details. (a) Dog Legged Stairs (b..
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