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Applied Mechanics

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Shear Force Apparatus (With Weights)
Consisting of two knife edge supports on stands and a seasoned wooden bar 180 cm long which is hinge..
Bending Moment Apparatus (With Weights)
Consisting of a well seasoned wooden beam 180 cm long hinged at a distance of 60 cm from one end, sp..
Consisting of cast iron bracket for attached to wall with sliding vernier and scale. Complete with 5..
The unit is complete with six standard steel springs 20 cm long each of different thickness, three f..
Consisting of 30 cm long mirror scale, spring, and slotted weights with hanger and pointer, Complete..
Comprising of two brass frames with specially designed self centeringchucks,connectedby a pivoted li..
As Cat. No. 9100 but with cast iron frames in place of brass frames. ..
(Searle's Pattern) wire under test is connected to two brass rods 30 cm long at their mid points, Co..
For experiment on rigidity. Two solid and two hollow cylinders each 10cm long accurately fitting the..
It is more convenient to observe the tortion produced in rods of varying length between 1 meter to 2..
Horizontal bench pattern the wheel moving on ball bearing is provided with chuck to hold the rod und..
A steel frame mountedon heavy cast base with leveling screws. Upper on of the rod under test is held..
Two balls are released simultaneously from a platform one being projected horizontally by a spring g..
Brass ball of 1” dia with a hook. ..
Consisting of a steel nickelled are 100cm long bored at equal intervals, with two removable knife ed..
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