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Applied Mechanics

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Wheel and Differential Axle 35 cm Dia (without Weights)
All metal wheel of 30 cm diameter. The axle having diameter of 15 & 7.5 cm respectively giving a..
Wheel and Differential Axle 20 cm Dia (without weights)
Sameas Cat. No. but the wheel is 20 cm in diameter and the axle is in two steps of 10 & 5 cm. Re..
Wheel and Axle Simple Wooden (without Weights)
Comprising two polished wooden wheels with grooves 7.5 cm and 12 cm in diameter respectively,fixed r..
Winch Crab Single Purchase (without weights)
Fitted with heavy cast iron wall brackets. The grooved wheel is of 25 cm diameter and gears are mach..
Winch Crab Double Purchase (Without Weights)
Experimental type. Sameas Above but with doubleset of gearing arrangement without weights. ..
Worm and Worm Wheel (Without Weights)
An all metallic self contained apparatus useful for demonstrating the efficiency for worm and wheel ..
This is widely used apparatus for measuring horse power. It consists of a base supporting a frame wo..
Screw Efficiency Apparatus (Without Weights)
Consists of a self contained wall bracket with a steel screw of 3cm diameter. The screw has 5 T.P.I...
Screw Jack (Without Weights)
All metallic construction accurately machine cut screw with a pitch of 5mm carrying a double flanged..
Compound Screw Jack (Without Weights)
Consisting of a jack screw of 4 T.P.I. and double start carrying load platform. The nut of the screw..
As above but the whole unit is mountedon a sturdy slide. The slide platform is approximately 37cm lo..
Consisting of two knife edge end supports, a hanger with knife edge, and a pointer moving over a gra..
Bending of Beam Apparatus (Without Weights)
It consists of a brass beam 9mm square one meter long resting on the two knife edges fixed on heavy ..
Consisting of nickelled steel beam one meter long. Two knife edge clamps, stirrup and scale pan, Sph..
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