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Applied Mechanics

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Combined Inclined Plane and Friction Slide Apparatus
Consisting of a wooden plane 90x18 cm having adjustable for setting the required angle precisely. Co..
Coil Friction Apparatus (without Weights)
It consists of aluminium drum and three frictionless pulleys mounted on wooden board 60x75 cm. in si..
Combined Coil & Flat Belt Friction Apparatus (Without Weights)
Rope Brake and Dynamometer (with Weights)
Consists of a cast iron truly machined wheel of 45 cm. dia with a groove. The steel axle is mounted ..
Prony Brake Dynamometer (with Weights)
Sturd and accurate choromiumplated.Pulleysand frameare of gun metal:- SheaveDia W..
Consisting of cast and machine turned aluminium pulleys moving smoothly in cast iron frames with hoo..
(A) Single (B) Double (C) Triple ..
(A) Single (B) Double (C) Triple ..
Consisting of : i) Two parallel doublepulleysof all brass having sheave of B cm dia to 6mmwide groo..
A cast aluminiumdouble sheave pulley block having the bigger pulley of 15 cm dia and the smallerone ..
Pulley Demonstration Set (with Weights)
Almost every kind of pulley experiment can be demonstrated with the help of this equipment. It is ve..
A) First systemof pulleys: with four single pulleys all brass of 5 cm with string and two pans But w..
(A) Worm Gear Type  (B) Spur Gear Type (C) Weston’s Differential ..
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