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Applied Mechanics

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Bell Crank Lever on Wooden Base without Weights
A wooden right angled lever with fulcrum at the angle, the horizontal aim is of 75 cm and vertical a..
Compound Lever (with Weights)
Comprising of two iron beams connected to each other and fitted on two different stands, well balanc..
All metal parts, mountedon woodenbase with spring balanceand a set of slottedweights. ..
( Apparatus for verification of Law of Moments) Consistingof an aluminium graduated beam fitted into..
Moments Disc Apparatus (without Weights)
A well balanced,machineturned aluminiumdisc rotating smoothly. About its axis and clampedon a tripod..
Law of Moments Apparatus
A well balanced machine turned aluminium disc rotating at about its axis and can be clamped on a tri..
Consists of a well seasoned wooden beam of L type shape with horizontal graduated horizontal arm 75c..
Jointed Roof Truss on Wheels
The apparatus is about 1.2 meter in length and strongly constructedin all metal, one leg is fitted o..
Mountedon sturdywoodenbase with provision for changingthe width betweenlegs, completewith two tubula..
Simple Jib Crane
Consisting of a tubular compression balance, pivoted about an axis fitted to the base. The tie chain..
Simpletype having a woodenboard 75x15 cm. with glass surface,a frictionlesspulley is fixed to one en..
The Convenienceand versatility of this unit has made it very popular. It consists of a 15x60 cm. Woo..
Consisting of 75x20cm wooden plane with glass top hinged to another base board to which a sector wit..
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